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I am a multi-disciplinary artist involved in researching the origins and purpose of art. My work centres on the creation of experiences in which objects, spaces and times are set aside for contemplation, reflection and connection.

Anthropologist Ellen Dissanayake, in her book ‘Homo Aestheticus: Where Art comes from and why’ suggests that art-making, as a behaviour, originated around 4 million years ago to serve an evolutionary need. Our ancestors created objects, places and experiences that were set outside of the everyday or: ‘made special’ in order to make sense of their lives and experiences. It is ideas such as this that inform my practice.

In exploring these ideas I make art that references the structures of the past such as monoliths, recurring shapes and patterns in cave art, contemplative and folkloric objects such as Scholar’s rocks and Hagstones, alongside contemporary culture to explore an art centred on experience.

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